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Top 4 Ideas On Using Leftover Kaiser Rolls

Summers are fantastic for long days at the pool and backyard barbecues. But with barbecues, come leftovers and you might struggle to think of ways to use all those leftovers, especially the kaiser bun. Here are four ideas on how to use those leftover kaiser buns: 1.... read more

About Me

Hey guys! Welcome to my website. I am a baker in my hometown and love making all kinds of treats and desserts for loved ones and customers alike. I especially love creating special themed treats for parties like weddings, baby showers, and birthday celebrations. My very first order was for an ocean-themed retirement party. The guest of honor loved scuba diving and surfing, so we made wetsuit sugar cookies. It was so fun! I started this blog to share my love of baking with the world. Check back often for new posts on baking topics. I’m so glad you’re here!